Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Name: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
Address: St Margarets, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP1 3BZ
Contact: Bhikkhu ChandakoEmail: monasterysecretary@amaravati.orgPhone: 01442 842455Fax: 01442 843721
Affiliation: Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism
Purpose of Community: Amaravati offers day visitors and overnight guests opportunities to deepen their understanding of Buddhism in an environment that encourages peaceful reflection. Visitors come from all over the world. Day visitors may come for the meal, bringing a food offering to the monks and nuns if they wish. Overnight guests may spend a weekend, or longer in order to learn and practice meditation or simply to have a brief refuge from the stresses of the world.
Facilities: The site (formerly a school) houses a lending library, a play room for children, a large meeting hall/refectory, a Temple and a separate retreat area.
Access: Temple and refectory have wheelchair accessibility. There is one toilet for disabled visitors. Accommodation blocks all have several steps at the entrance.
Requirements: Conservative dress attire on monastery grounds. Overnight visitors are required to follow eight precepts which include not eating after mid-day and not using alcohol or drugs.Click here to download further information Amaravati.doc (80k)
Practical Tips: Overnight stays have to be booked in advance with the guest monk or nun. Accommodation is generally in multi-bed dorms; basic facilities. No computer or email access for overnight guests.
Suitability: Primary schools/Secondary schools/University students
Further Reading: Any books by Ajahn Sumedho or other Forest Sangha authors.

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