Library of Avalon

Library of Avalon

Name: Library of Avalon
Address: Rear Courtyard, 2-4 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU
Contact: Andy Scott

Alt email:

Phone: 01458 832759

Purpose of Community: Esoteric Library & Public Reading Room
Facilities: As per any library but no public internet access.
Access: Slight step

Opening hours: Monday 13.30-16.30; Tuesday 11.00-16.30; Wednesday 13.30-16.30; Thursday 13.30-16.30; Friday 12.00-17.00; Saturday 12.00-16.00; Sunday 12.00-15.00*

*Some weeks only – check Facebook page for updates

Requirements: Respect other people who may be researching/studying.
Practical Tips: Don’t ask if we’re a bookshop!
Suitability: Primary schools/Secondary schools/University students
Further Reading: The Avalonians
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