Name: Shekinashram
Address: Dod Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8BZ
Contact: Contact person: Yaga

Contact email:

Telephone: 01458 832300

Affiliation Bhakti yoga
Purpose of Community: Shekinashram is run by Elahn (Keshava) and Radhe, a great team of staff, and a rich tapestry of short-term volunteers, and is also a home from home to the many staying guests and day visitors passing through from all corners of the globe. All are welcome, and are considered members of this community whilst here.

We offer you this opportunity to visit our beautiful sacred space and be touched by its uniqueness. We are a bhakti and karma yoga ashram and choose to live accoirding to a set of principles, the main ones being the precepts of living truthfully and peacefully. Many who visit remark upon the peace, devotion, spaciousness, and the acceptance they experience within themselves here, and leave inspired, refreshed and renewed.

Facilities: B&B rooms, dormitory, meditation room, sauna, therapies, vegan breakfast and lunches
Access: All rooms in the house, except for 1 en suite room, share a bathroom and a toilet. Garden accommodation shares outside bathrooms. We have a curfew of 10pm.
Requirements: All food brought on the the premises must be vegetarian and egg free, We have an alcohol, smoking and other recrestaional drug free policy. In addition, we do not allow the consumption of coffee, black and green tea.
Practical Tips: Since we are shoe free inside all rooms, it is a good idea to bring a pair of house shoes and some slip-on outdoor shoes for quick changes.
Suitability: Secondary schools/University students
Further Reading: Surrender to Love
Public Liability Insurance: Yes