The Salvation Army, Bath

The Salvation Army, Bath

Name: The Salvation Army, Bath
Green Park Road, Bath, BA1 1XE
Contact: Major Amanda Lee

Phone: 01225 400051
Affiliation The Salvation Army is a Christian Church
Purpose of Community: This Salvation Army Centre is a Christian Church where everyone is welcome.  Here you can be introduced to Jesus Christ and share his love in a caring fellowship; A spirit-filled, radical, growing movement with a burning desire to:

  • Lead people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • Actively serve the community
  • Fight for social justice
Facilities: A suite of buildings in central Bath.
Access: Disabled Access
Requirements: To act in a way sympathetic to the aims & motivations of the Salvation Army.
Pratical Tips: Trying to meet the needs of the community involves meeting a diverse group of people. The joy and challenge is to affirm each according to their needs.
Suitability: Primary schools/Secondary schools/University students
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